[HouTango-L] Tango fusion performance and Argentine Tango festival in San Antonio

A. Lester Buck III buck at compact.com
Sun Jan 18 19:20:38 UTC 2004

Eric Lanoix <tanguero_norte at yahoo.com> writes:

San Antonio Argentine Tango Festival

Celebrate Valentine's Day in Style with the San Antonio Argentine
Tango Festival, from February 13th to the 15th. The program
features several activities including a unique Tango-Opera
performance, a tango dancing workshop, and milongas (tango
dancing soirees).

The centerpiece of the Festival will consist of a Tango-Opera
performance held at the Incarnate Word University Auditorium on
Friday (13th) and Saturday (14th) nights at 8pm and Sunday (15th)
at 3pm. The show will feature three internationally known tenor
singers, the Viva Tango ensemble with soprano Janis Delara,
internationally reknowned accordeonist Joaquin Diaz, and six
Argentine Tango dancers from the Argentina, the U.S., and Canada.

The Festival will also include a tango workshop held at the
Jazzercise studio on Valentine's Day and the following day (Sunday
the 15th). The workshop will be taught by the dancers of the show
and by local instructors. It will include basic instruction for
first-timers, as well as advanced level classes.

You are also to relax at one of the local milongas (tango
parties). For example, the Matisse restaurant invites you to enjoy
a great atmosphere, delicious seafood, and of course Argentine
Tango on February 7th and 14th. The February 7th milonga will
feature an Argentine Tango demonstration (by the performers of
the show).

For the most up to date details regarding the Tango-Opera
show, contact Mark Richter (therichtergroup at yahoo.com). For
further details about the tango wokshop and the milongas,
consult the San Antonio Tangueros webpage (www.satango.com) or
contact Frank Huddleston (fhuddles at yahoo.com) and Eric Lanoix
(tanguero_norte at yahoo.com).

Eric Lanoix

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