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Daniela Tudoran tangodt at yahoo.com
Thu May 11 18:54:05 UTC 2006

Argentine Tango Workshop with Ney Melo, May 20-21

We are very excited in bringing Ney Melo back to Houston for a
workshop in May.  Ney has been invited back for workshops several
times and his workshops have consistently been very popular.

Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt dance an elegant style of social
tango which is rooted in the traditions of the neighborhood
of Villa Urquiza in Buenos Aires. Their style is defined by a
smooth and graceful walk,a powerful sense of musicality, a mix of
subtle and intricate steps,precision of movement and an intimate
embrace. Their passion and respect for tango, its culture, and
its music is clearly evidenced in their emotional dancing, as
well as in their teaching. Ney and Jennifer have studied together
with such maestros as Javier Rodriguez, Jorge Dispari y Maria del
Carmen, Geraldine Rojas, and Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa.

Their school of Tango Argentino, EL ABRAZO (which means The
Embrace), is based in New York City at Empire Dance Studio
and in their classes together they are dedicated to inspiring
students to dance tango with feeling, musicality, cadencia, and
connection - the way it is danced in Buenos Aires. The atmosphere
in their classes is relaxed, personable and lively, and they
place equal emphasis on the ladys role as the mens. Technique
and the essence of tango, both fundamental to dancing well,
are stressed in whatever step is being shown. Ney and Jennifer
have recently taught and performed in Singapore, Malaysia,
and Australia, as well as extensively all over North America.
Check his website www.neymelo.com

Friday, May 19
9 pm - Welcome milonga for Ney Melo at Daniela's place
- 2510 Driscoll, Houston TX 77019, west side of the
street - first block N of Westheimer and 5 blocks East
of Sheperd. Parking on the street.
Bring your favorite drink and we'll have some deserts
and snaks.

Saturday, May 20
1:00 pm ­- 2:10 pm "Compas, Contra-Tiempos, and
Pausas":Musicality and Rhythm in Tango
2:30 pm -­ 3:40 pm How to make adornments possible
(for men & women)

10:00pm -­ 2pm - Milonga at Melody Club - We and
Alicia & Juan Carlos Suarez Always Tango are inviting
you to come and enjoy a night of tango dancing and
performances by Ney Melo and Mercy Chen, Always
Tango's guests professional Argentine Tango Dancers
Pampa and Valeria Cortes. 
Location: 3027 Crossview Dr., Houston TX 77063 -
between Richmond and Westheimer, Hillcroft and
Fondren. Crossview is one block East of Fondren.
Entrance fee: $15.

Sunday, May 21
1:00 pm ­- 2:10 pm Milonga Traspie
2:30pm -­ 3:40 pm  Vals

9pm ­- 11:30pm Alternative Miloga @ Helios - 411
Westheimer at Taft

*Note:  Supervised practice will follow each class.
Classes location: 
  City Dance Studio, 2423 Dunstan Rd, Houston, TX 77005 

Registration before May 15th, 2006, prepay checks made
out to Daniela Tudoran (address below)
4 classes = $60 or each class = $15 
Registration after May 15th, 2006, each class = $20 or
4 classes = $80
For students each class =$15 at any time.
  Mail check to Daniela Tudoran, address:  
  2510 Driscoll, Houston,TX 77019

*Ney will be available for private lessons.  Please
contact Daniela:
email: tangodt at yahoo.com or phone: # 713-502-6424

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