[HouTango-L] Tango This Week (4/18/11)

A. Lester Buck III buck at compact.com
Fri Apr 22 15:08:59 UTC 2011

        Saturday looks pretty quiet this weekend.  The regular
        Te House of Tea on Fridays has:

        "Double the action tonight at Te’ with two of your
        favorite Dj’s rockin the house! Adriana & Sabra
        together!! Need I say more? Tango lesson @ 9:30. Jamming
        out 10 PM – 1 AM unless you keep us later…."

        and La Practica Dominguera plus Helios milonga on Sunday
        will have to suffice as your tango fix.


        Tomas Howlin in Houston next weekend!


        Friday April, 29Th
        8:30 – 9:45 Expression and Meaning in Tango

        Saturday April, 30th
        2 – 3:15 The Turning Wheel (Finding Turns In Any Position)
        3:30 – 4:45 Traspie Applied to Tango, Waltz And Milonga
        4:45 – 5 Question and Answer

        Sunday May 1st
        1 – 2:15 Creating Freedom In Close Embrace
        2:30 – 3:45 Off Axis Moves For a Close Embrace
        3:45 – 4 Question and Answer

        All classes will be held at The Dance Place
        “the best floor in town!”
        3300 Chimney Rock Road # 500
        Houston, TX 77056 (close to the Galleria)

        Classes are expected to sell out and will be strictly
        gender balanced. Please designate if you are a leader or
        follower when registering.

        $150 Full Pass
        $30 Single Classes

        To register contact Sabra at sabra_y at yahoo.com, or Call
        832-244 2014 with questions regarding the workshop.

        See http://TomasHowlin.com for more about Tomas.


        Missed a tango email?  Need the calendar while away
        from your computer?  You can always refer to past tango
        email at http://houtango.com/, and subscribe there, too.
        Please send any tango news and event information (plain
        text preferred), or corrections to anything in these
        messages, to <tangopost at compact.com> (only).  Thanks!


        Glover Gill of Glovertango plays delicious solo tango
        piano, now back home at the Continental Club,
        8-9:00pm.  Come to dance or just to hang out in the relaxed
        atmosphere. 3700 Main at Winburn. Plenty of room to dance.
        Please tip generously; Glover plays only for tips. FREE



        Argentine Tango for a Complete Beginner
        Starting Mar 21th through April 25

        Cycle consists of 5 classes. Class is 60 min long with
        15 min practice dancing at the end. You will learn basic
        Milonguero steps done exclusively on the body. Involves
        learning and refining vocabulary from simple back ochos
        to the ocho cortado; connection between partners, tango
        walk as a couple, navigation on the dance floor, basic
        conventional patterns as well as the man's and woman's
        role in tango. You are welcome as a complete beginner,
        or if you want to polish / remember what you've learned
        in the past, or if you want to to help beginners to
        learn faster. *Starting ** Mar 21th* *through April
        25* , 5 Mondays in a row At the Continental Club
        3700 Main @ Alabama 7.00pm- 8.00pm - Tango Class $60
        for 5 classes, 50% discount for students. Register:

        Register: http://instantango.com/registration.html

        Indre ♫

        At the Continental Club 3700 Main @ Alabama

        7.00 pm- 8.00 pm - Tango Class

        8.15 pm - 9.30 pm - Milonga (tango social dance)  to
        Glover Gill's live tango piano

        9.30 pm -11.00 pm - Milonga continues with a DJ

        RSVP indrerapal at gmail.com or 713 319 4330

        transform your life with tango



        There is a new advanced tango group lesson ongoing on Tuesdays.

        Tuesday Lesson:
        Advanced Elements in Tango, Vals, and Milonga
        7:00 - 8:00 pm, $10
        Advanced level. Drop-ins welcome.
        Start anytime. No partner required.

        More information at http://www.cosasdeltango.com

        River Oaks Pilates Studio
        3425 South Shepherd Dr, Ste. 220
        Houston, TX 77098

        The studio is located on Shepherd, one block north of
        Richmond, above MW Cleaners, at the corner of Shepherd
        and Colquitt. There is free parking in the parking lot
        in the front of the building and in the parking garage
        on the 1st and 2nd levels.

        Un abrazo milogón,

        Sue & Alex
        (713) 724-7281


        Practica H will has temporarily relocated to

        River Oaks Pilates Studio
        3425 S. Shepherd Dr, Suite 220

        9pm to 11:30pm each Tuesday.  $5/person, $3 students.
        Practice your tango with friends and strangers.
        Hosted by Indre, Luis & Rose, and Viju, presenting
        different DJ's each week.


        The Houston Argentine Tango Association continues their
        class cycle this week, now with three classes each night.
        Joan Bishop instructs at The Dance Place, 3300 Chimney Rock
        @ Beverly Hill, Suite 500.  This new space offers room
        to grow with new students.  Beginner 7-8pm, Intermediate
        8-9pm, Advanced 9-10pm.  http://www.houstontango.org/



        Jackie Arita, manager of Salento Cafe, sponsors a
        weekly tango event.  The dancing runs from 9 pm till
        midnight. Salento Cafe is located at 2407 Rice Blvd in
        the Rice Village area: Salento moves all the tables to the
        walls and open up a nice floor of smooth tile. Tango music
        dj'ed by Oscar.  Salento offers a great selection of wines,
        including Argentine Malbec as house wine. Empanadas and
        other Argentine treats also served. For a full menu and
        other details about this venue go to the cafe website



        Victor Collins teaches classes - beginner 8-9pm,
        intermediate/advanced from 9-10pm. $10/class, or $70 for
        a package of eight. Victor teaches at The Dance Place,
        3300 Chimney Rock, Suite 500 just south of Richmond.
        Victor is always happy to chat with new students over the
        phone before their first class.  Info: 281-443-3322(h)
        or 832-725-4380(cell).



        SIGN UP FOR Advanced beginner cycle
        Wednesdays , Mar 23 - April 27

        for those of you who have basic knowledge or have completed
        at *least one full beginner cycle* at the Continental
        Club. It will start Wednesday, *Mar 23 -April 27*. One
        and a half hour class from *8.00pm- 9.30 pm*. Cycle
        will consist of 5 weeks 1h 30 min class. $60 for 5
        weeks. *Class size is limited*, must REGISTER before
        attending. Email Indre to reserve space or ask for more
        info - indrerapal at gmail.com

        Indre ♫♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸


        "To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful,
        more powerful," says Agnes De Mille.

        We are inviting you to get out of yourself, become more
        beautiful and more powerful this THURSDAY, 8-10 pm at
        1223 Peden St :)

        Expect an hour of tango basics, connection exercises and
        musicality and an hour of challenging, fun patterns where
        you can put into use what you practiced in the first hour.

        Here is a big bowl of tango passion mixed in with a cozy
        light of a star or a moon, a dash of a caressing breeze,
        a splash of a wave, a sprinkle of sand, a cool shade of
        a tree, and a touch of a sunset:


        Classes are on-going and you don't need to wait and
        start on a certain day. You can start now and build at
        your own pace.  You can register for 4-weeks for $50 and
        this includes 8-hours of instruction. Students pay half.
        Walk-ins are welcome and an individual class cost is $10.

        For questions, call 504 343 2406 or visit

        Best wishes,
        Fuad & Özlem
        Best wishes,
        Friends of Tango


        Téngo Tango: Guest DJs invite you to dance tango
        every Friday from 10:00pm till 1:00am at Té House of
        Tea, 1927 Fairview St, near Westheimer and Woodhead.
        There will also be a $5 cover starting this Friday for
        everyone coming in for tango (earlier diners exempt,
        but later customers, even non-dancers/spectators, will
        pay). Each $5 entry ticket can be redeemed for a choice of:
        2 free cookies, a bottled water, a soda, or a single pot
        of tea.  Empanadas, salads, crepes with dulce de leche,
        tea, yerba mate and other refreshments for sale. BYOB
        ($5 corkage fee).  http://www.teaagora.com/



        Martin & Natia teach group classes at Damico Dance Studio

        Please register for Friday classes on the website

        Damico Dance Studio
        11151 Westheimer Road
        Houston, Texas 77042
        (Market at Westchase adjacent to Whole Foods)

        6:30pm to 7:00pm - FREE intro to tango

        This class is recommended for new students.  Please join
        us and take advantage of learning tango basics. Anybody
        can attend this class.  We will only teach the Tango
        Fundamentals to introduce the dance, and prepare new
        students for beginners class.

        7-8pm - Beginners I - this class is designed for new students.
        we will continue to teach basics and more.

        8-9pm - Beginners II

        This class is designed for more experienced tango dancers
        and graduated beginner I dancers.  our goal in this class
        is to develop better floor craft, musicality and prepare
        you for intermediate/advance class.


        We are looking forward to seeing you.
        If you have any questions or would like your contact
        information updated please email us info at tango-houston.com
        or call us 713-560-6695


        Baires Tango has resumed their 2011 group tango classes
        at a different venue. Group classes will be held every
        Friday from 8:00pm to 9:15pm at River Oaks Pilates Studio
        3425 South Shepherd Dr, Ste. 220, Houston, TX 77098.
        On Shepperd, one block north of Richmond, the studio
        is located above MW Cleaners. The price for a 4-class
        module is $48 per person.  Walk-ins: $15.


        Also Meche, Rafa (713-852-7721) and Oscar (713-408-9065)
        are available for private classes, contact us by e-mail
        at <baires.tango at yahoo.com> or by phone to schedule.



        Victor Collins teaches group classes at Cypress Dance
        Studio, followed by group classes at Life Time Cafe.

        Cypress Dance Studio is located at the corner of 290 and
        Skinner Road, just southeast of the intersection of 290
        and Spring Cypress Rd, in northwest Houston.


        Argentine Tango Classes at Life Time Fitness of
        Willowbrook. Every Friday, 9:30pm. to 10:30pm, ages 12 and up.
        Victor will be teaching Argentine Tango, Waltz, Milonga
        and Chacarera, followed by a practica from 10:30pm to
        ? at Life Time Cafe.  Classes cover footwork, timing,
        technics, and patterns.  You do NOT need a partner to take
        these classes; Singles and or couples are welcome.  Don't
        wait, sign up NOW and step out in style and confidence.
        Life Time Fitness, 7717 Willowchase Blvd.  Willowbrook,
        TX. 77070 http://www.lifetimefitness.com,

        Private classes by appointment only; call at least three
        weeks in advance, 281-443-3322(h) or 832-725-4380(cell).



        Milonga Brasileña is the first Saturday of every month.

        Emporio Brazilian Cafe
        12288 Westheimer, #210A
        Houston, TX 77077
        9pm to 12am
        Cost: $10/person (free if you order dinner or drinks)

        Hosted by:
        Rick & Teresa


        La Milonga de Los Amigos is the second Saturday of
        every month.  A different DJ every month.

        River Oaks Pilates Studio
        3425 South Shepherd Dr, Ste. 220
        Houston, TX 77098
        (On Shepperd, one block north of Richmond.
        The studio is located above MW Cleaners.)

        9:30pm to 1:30am.

        Light snacks and drinks. BYOD.
        Cost: $10/person

        Hosted by:
        Mario & Grace, Jim & Katrine
        eMail: ourmilonga at yahoo.com



        Sunday Lesson - Tango, Vals and Milonga 
        3:30 - 4:15 pm, $5 
        All-Level lesson. Beginners and drop-ins welcome. No
        partner required.  Start anytime.

        Sunday Practice - La práctica dominguera 
        4:30 - 7:00 pm, $5 
        Every Sunday, even during summer recess. Dance, practice,
        share or just hang-out.  A different DJ every Sunday.

        All lessons and prácticas are at: 
        River Oaks Pilates Studio 
        3425 South Shepherd Dr, Ste. 220 
        Houston, TX 77098
        The studio is located on Shepherd, one block north of
        Richmond, above MW Cleaners, at the corner of Shepherd
        and Colquitt. There is free parking in the parking lot
        in the front of the building and in the parking garage
        on the 1st and 2nd levels.

        Info: Alex (713) 724-7281, <amamontoff at yahoo.com>
        DJ Schedule posted at http://www.tangohouston.net 


        Helios Milonga every Sunday:  Mariana opens up Avant
        Garden. It has been completely reborn, and looks fantastic.

        Time: Sundays, 8pm-11pm
        Where:  Avant Garden
                411 Westheimer Rd, 77006

        Donations are welcome and encouraged.  Hope to see
        you there.


Let's tango this week.

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