[HouTango-L] It's Official - Argentine Tango is Completely International

A. Lester Buck III buck at compact.com
Sat Sep 3 03:32:36 UTC 2011

I happened to catch the end of the PRI radio show The World on KUHF this
evening, and they had a great segment about the recent Salon Tango
Championships in Buenos Aires.


Here is the shocker: For the first time ever, all top five couples were
foreigners!  We all talk about Argentine Tango being a truly
international dance, and being able to drop into a milonga anywhere in
the world, not speak a word of the local language, and still have great
dances.  But I never realized the day was coming that world class tango
culture and skill had so spread around the world that the Argentines
would be pushed out of the top spots.  For a dance that was in some risk
of vanishing due to young Argentines preferring rock and roll, and
political repression of group gatherings, this is a rather stunning
turnaround in one generation.



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