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Fri Oct 6 20:02:31 UTC 2017

        Cielito Lindo Milonga tonight is delivered by La
        Maleva gang with DJ Roberto.  Absolute beginner class
        starts at 8pm! See y'all in Cielito Lindo !

                -- Indre ♫♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸

        Eva and Pablo will be performing tonight at Cielito Lindo
        milonga (MECA)! Don't miss their master-classes on Saturday
        and Sunday!!!

                -- Lola Vayner


        Eva y Pablo October 7-8, 2017 Tango Workshops

        Eva and Pablo are among the leading young couples
        specializing in Tango Milonguero in the world. They are
        based in Albuquerque, NM and Buenos Aires, Argentina. They
        have taught and participated at the Albuquerque Tango
        Festival since 2014. They previously have taught in
        the Mini Chicago Tango Festival 2017 & 2013, San Diego
        TAngo Festival 2016, Encuentro Milonguero Albuquerque
        2016-2017,San Miguel de Allende 2015, Burning Tango
        Festival 2013, New Zealand Tango Festival 2009, Festival of
        Ferrara 2011-2013, USA, Oceania and European tours. Also
        they will be at the Encuentro Milonguero San Francisco
        2018. They combine more than 20 year of experience
        teaching Tango in a social way with extraordinary ability
        to explain the basic mechanics of danceable tango and from
        there to build a very personal dance. In their classes,
        they increase the confidence of their students by giving
        them the tools they need at all times.

        Eva Garlez after starting to learn Tango, was quick
        develop considerable knowledge and understanding of both
        roles. Eva’s love of dancing is transmitted as she
        teaches and performs. She has become an outstanding
        milonguera, having taught and performed with great
        milongueros. In class she provides all her knowledge
        and experience as a dancer, optimizing the learning
        process of the students to help them quickly achieve a
        high technical quality. She focuses mainly on posture,
        balance and elegance to develop an intuitive and personal
        dance, which enhances the beauty of the dance.

        Pablo Rodriguez discover Tango more than 10 years and fell
        in love of the dance and the music instantly. Because
        of his infatuation with the dance, Pablo began to seek
        expertise in recognized milongueros, developing his own
        personal style of dance and teaching.

        He focuses on leadership: clear and precise lead, posture,
        music and the comfort of women. He also focuses on the
        good management of the line of dance and how to optimize
        the tools one has on the dance floor. The fundamental
        principles are stepping, elegance, balance, interpretation
        of music and comfort of women, all with a high technical
        quality. And all this without forgetting that Tango is
        a social dance. More at www.evaypablo.com

        Saturday October 7 2017

        Class A 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM: Everybody’s Workshop (all levels):
        Posture, weight transfer, chest awareness. Shared axis,
        energy projection, basic figures.

        Class B 2:45 PM – 4:00 PM: Levels I and II All in only one tile

        Discover different possibilities to feel free in close
        embrace. Full of rhythmic sequences to dance in a
        small space

        Class C 4:30 PM – 5:45 PM: Level lI Tango Vals.

        How to dance to TangoVals. Giros and contragiros. Changing
        directions using basic steps

        Sunday October 8 2017

        Class D: 1:00 PM -2:15 PM: Sacadas Level II

        How to dance sacadas. Sequences full of different sacadas
        in a circular space.

        Class E 2:45 PM – 4:00 PM: Follower’s and Leader’s
        technique, Level I & II

        Importance of Leader & Follower roles. Partner feedback,
        complementary opposites.

        Class F 4:30 PM -5:45 PM: Milonga Lisa y traspié Level I & II)
        Introduction to milonga lisa, going grounded and with
        rhythm. Understanding traspié and its rhythm and how
        to communicate to your partner.

        All Classes will take place at Claire School of Dance
        2nd Floor Lambert Hall 1703 Heights Blvd. Houston
        TX 77008. For more information or questions:
        s_bhotla at yahoo.com or bhotla at gmail.com, (832)282-6894

        All 6 classes….…………………………….$150.00
        Any 3 classes:……………………………..$ 80.00
        Individual class……….……………………$ 30.00

        Register by mailing a check payable to: Srinivas
        Vishnubhotla, 1813 W Main Houston TX 77098 or by paypal
        to bhotla at gmail.com.

        Eva & Pablo will be available One Hour Private Lessons,
        first come first served. All individuals for privates must
        come with a partner, though instruction will be dedicated
        to person taking the class. Lessons are $100.0/single
        or $120.0/couple (plus floor fee, if it applies).


        Trifilio Tango Trio show on Oct. 7

        Trifilio Tango Trio, Argentine musical trio, performs
        Saturday, October 7, at Jones Hall on the campus of the
        University of St. Thomas.


        CASA ARGENTINA DE HOUSTON with the collaboration of the
        Consulate of Argentina in Houston presents the outstanding


        Music & Songs


        TTT is led by Argentine bandoneon master & prolific tango
        composer, Emmanuel Trifilio & accomplished cellist &
        music arranger Devree Lewis with the participation of
        guitarist Christian Perez. Mariana Quinteros, celebrated
        Argentinian tango singer, will join the trio.

        Emmanuel Trifilio has performed as soloist on the
        main stages of Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center & Lincoln
        Center. TTT has sold out their concerts since 2015 and
        it is not to be missed!

        More details about Trifilio Tango Trio:

        Purchase tickets:


        Maximiliano & Paloma in Houston, Oct 20-22
        World Champions 2007, 2008

        Workshop, Milongas, Private classes

        5 classes, 2 Milongas, practilonga, private classes. 
        Friday October 20
        1 Walk technique, rythms, cadence and connection. 
        Friday Workshop and Milonga 
        address: MECA 1900 Kane St, Houston 77007

        Saturday and Sunday Workshop address:
        2311 Canal St Houston Texas 77003

        Saturday October 21
        1. Milonga Class.
        2. Simple turn sequences in small place. 

        Sunday October 22
        1. Vals Class
        2. The technique for both roles Pivot & Ochos 

        Registration and questions
        email: HoustonCityTango at gmail.com 
        or via FaceBook messenger
        Please email the information of classes you would like to purchase 
        and names of participants. 
        Your payment can be sent via PayPal or cash
        PayPal link will be emailed to you. 

        Classes Early birds Regular
        1 30 30
        2 55 60
        3 80 85
        4 105 110
        5 120 130
        Friday Oct 20 13$
        Saturday GALA 15$
        Sunday Practilonga 10$ 
        3 Milongas 30$

        Privates with both teachers 1 hour
        please email HoustonCityTango at gmail.com

        DJ Daniel 
        DJ Katrine
        DJ Patrick

        Mark your calendar
        working on schedule....to be continued....


        Missed a tango email?  Need the calendar while away
        from your computer?  You can always refer to past tango
        email at http://houtango.com/, and subscribe there, too.
        Please send any tango news and event information (plain
        text preferred), or corrections to anything in these
        messages, to <tangopost at compact.com> (only).  Thanks!


        Tango in Houston just got sweeter

        Fire up your Mondays learning the alluring Argentine Tango

        Group Dance Lessons
        7:00 - 8:00pm
        Martin Fierro Room, upstairs at Tierra del Fuego Restaurant
        - Sugar Land Led by Argentine master teacher and performer

        8:00 - 9:00pm
        Stay, mingle and practice your new dance moves while
        enjoying food and drink specials.

        Live tango music every weekend with the Bandoneon of
        Pablo Di Lauro and dance performances by Susana and Marcos.

        Class Info: 832-646-3149

        Come take a little bite of Argentina in the Heart of
        Sugar Land


        Glover Gill of Glovertango plays delicious solo tango
        piano at his Glover Gill Milonga.

        8:15 - 9:30 pm - Live Solo Tango on Piano by Glover Gill
        9:30 - 11:00 pm - Live DJ

        3700 Main at The Continental Club
        TIP JAR on the Piano

        Come to dance or just to hang out in the relaxed
        atmosphere. 3700 Main at Winburn. Plenty of room to dance.
        Please tip generously; Glover plays only for tips. FREE



        Begin Tango cycle

        Four week cycle starts every first Monday of the month.

        Cycle consists of four 75min classes 7.00-8.15pm. At the
        Continental Club 3700 Main @ Alabama

        $50 whole cycle, $15 single class. No partner necessary.

        In four weeks you will be introduced to the fundamentals
        of Argentine Tango. To mention few - tango walk, salida
        basica, front ad back ochos, ocho cortado and gyro. You
        will learn to use these steps comfortably within the line
        of dance staying connected with your partner and music.
        Perfect for those who are complete beginners, polishing
        their tango basics or wants to be challenged as a dancer
        with a new form of movement - Argentine Tango. All
        the steps are executed in milonguero- heart to heart
        embrace. After completing this cycle you are encouraged
        to repeat the cycle or move one step forward to 'Midway
        to Tango'


        Tuesday group classes at Cielito Lindo/MECA

        Four teachers, two classes (intermediate and beginners),
        one practica...We start 7:30, next Tuesday, September
        26th at Meca.

        Adriana & Roberto Bertolusso

        Oscar Lopez-Gamundi & Rafa Noguerol

        Eight-class Cycle

        Tuesdays, Sept 26 - Nov 14

        Class: 7:30-8:30pm
        Practica: 8:30pm-9:00pm

        1900 Kane St., 77007

        $15/class, discount for students


        malevatangohouston at gmail.com


        Tango Classes with Iryna Ilyk & Luis Zuleta

        Expansion Wellness Center
        3803 Bute St., Houston, TX  77006

        Tuesday 7pm: Beginners
        Tuesday 8:30pm: Intermediate
        Wednesday 8pm: Followers technique
        Saturday 3:30-5:30: Practica & Tango Etiquette

        email Iryna: beintango at gmail.com


        The program includes 4 weeks’ cycle to introduce the
        dancer to linear and circular movement, tango, and its
        specifics. Classes cover such aspects as balance, axes,
        and dissociation exercises. We learn to dance in tango
        embrace and communicate through it.


        Classes are balanced between techniques of body movement
        and emotional connection through the dance. Open
        conversations on psychology of tango and its input in
        our life. Techniques bring higher awareness of your body,
        focusing on nonverbal communication with the partner to
        create very smooth movement together. Establishing clear
        understanding of the leader and follower role in the dance
        to become one. Musicality classes to allow you to feel
        the entire depth of the beautiful Argentinian Tango music
        and to find you own way to interpret it on the dance floor.


        Everyone who wants to improve their skills as a follower
        and learn more about the follower’s role in tango is
        welcome. Please bring your questions and we will discover
        the answers together. Throughout this series we will not
        only be growing in our technical skills, extending our
        sensitivity, and practicing nonverbal conversation with our
        partner, but also having fun learning our responsibilities
        as a follower.


        Melissa y Harol Tango Lessons

        University of St. Thomas
        every Tuesday, 7-8pm

        Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center
        Second Floor - Dance room
        4000 Mt. Vernon St., Houston, TX 77006

        $15/person - Beginner's class



        Tango fundamentals with Mauro

        All levels tango fundamentals. Guest teacher Isadora will
        be sharing her knowledge together with Mauro. No experience
        required or partner needed. $15 cash or check only.

        Every Tuesday, 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

        River Oaks Pilates Studio
        3425 S Shepherd Dr
        Houston, Texas 77098


        New Tango Classes with Iryna & Luis

        Tuesday, March 7, 7pm-10pm

        Hi friends! We are starting New Tango Classes in March
        and welcome everyone to join the fun! Come and discover
        dance passion, see what it can bring to your life and
        create your own tango story! No partner needed, bring
        your shoes and let’s dance!

        Space is limited so be sure to e-mail Ira at
        irchyn.dance at gmail.com to reserve your spot :)

        Group class 
        Tuesdays 7:00pm-8:15pm Tango Techniques Class. All levels
        Tuesdays 8:30pm-9:45pm Tango Class. Intermediate level

        Introductory Classes: 

        Program includes 4 months’ cycle which is broken in
        4 separate stages focused on different topics: linear
        movement, circular movement, building up vocabulary,
        musicality. Classes will be heave on techniques
        which will bring higher awareness of your body. Also,
        we will be focusing on nonverbal communication with
        the partner to create very settle and smooth movement
        together. Establishing clear understanding of the leader
        and follower role in the dance to become one. Musicality
        classes will allow you to feel all depth of the beautiful
        Argentina Tango music.

        Intermediate Classes:

        Classes will be covering three aspects: balance, axes,
        dissociation exercises; dance vocabulary; musicality. It
        will have monthly (four classes) based program dedicated
        to either tango technic, musicality, connection, vals,

        Class Pricing:
        $50 for the month
        $15 for walk ins


        Be In Tango classes every Wednesday

        7pm for complete beginners, no partner required

        8:30pm-9:45pm for intermediate dancers

        411 Westheimer Rd, 77006



        La Practica


        230/220 W. Alabama St, 77006

        Join us as we practice what we know and what we want
        to improve.

        Each week one of our Houston Tango Instructors will present
        a 30 minute lesson on whatever they wish (tango related of
        course) :).. and then we will practice, practice, practice.

        Mate and snacks will be provided. 

        ~ Donation based ~
        $5-10 suggestted

        Bring some food or drink to share


        The Edge Milonga

        with host Luis

        Thursdays 9:30pm-12:30am
        Bacchus Cafe & Wine Bar
        2502 Dunlavy, Houston TX 77006
        [Corner of Dunlavy & Missouri, 1 block North of Westheimer]

        Beginner class at 8:30-9:30pm, $10/person, no partner

        Bacchus offers a variety of wines from around the world,
        with wine specials on Tango night!

        No cover at the door. Complete sobriety highly discouraged
        however, so please feel free to take advantage of our
        wine special and imbibe!

        Dress Code: Ladies, let's push the line a little and hike
        up that skirt. Gents, bring out those fancy pants

        ... if you're not at the Edge, you're not living ...


        Mauro Macone/Richmond Tango is teaching a new class
        on Thursdays in Richmond:

        1864 FM359, Richmond, TX
        Thursdays, 8pm-9pm



        Social Argentine Tango Classes

        Russian Cultural Center
        Instructors: Lola Vayner and Srini Vishnubhotla

        Class for intermediates: Thursdays, 7:00 p.m.- 8.00 p.m.
        Class for beginners: Thursdays, 8:00 p.m.- 9.00 p.m.

        Classes for EVERYBODY, for all levels.
        Foundations: balance, connection, posture, embrace, rhythmical patterns.
        The dialogue between our bodies is instinctive.
        Energy and fluidity versus strength and control.
        How to have fun and dance till 100 years old.
        No partner required

        The duration of class: 1 hour
        Single class – $10

        For more information please call 713.395.3301 or e-mail
        OurTexasInc at gmail.com

        Russian Cultural Center Our Texas
        2337 Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77005


        Weekly Milonga “Tango DiVino”

        Tango DiVino on Thursday Nights at Giulietta Sociale.

        No Cover, Free Parking
        Free Tango Lessons 8:30 to 9:30
        DJ Luis Zuleta Benavides

        Reverse Happy Hour 9-11 p.m.
        1/2 off select bottles of wine
        1/2 off select food items

        Giulietta Sociale
        5110 Washington, near Shepherd


        Welcome to H-Town twice a month Friday night milonga
        at Cielito Lindo, 1900 Kane St, aka MECA (Multicultural
        Education and Counseling through the Arts).

        Milonga starts about 9pm.

        Advanced level tango class with Indre starts at 8pm
        (class is $20 includes milonga).

        Milonga only - $10, BYOB

        Come early to get the best seat

        Make sure to park on the MECA side of the street.

        More details:

        Indre ♫♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸


        New Friday Night Practica and Class with Noe Rosas

        I am excited to be starting a new Practica (tango practice)
        and a four week series of entry level, Argentine tango
        classes with Noe Rosas. Stay after class and enjoy
        the space to freely practice your tango! Practice makes
        perfect! They will be held at Dance From The Heart Studio,
        off Houston Ave.

        Please join us for Tango instruction starting at 8pm
        9:00 -11pm (social dancing)

        Where: Dance From The Heart Studio (DFTH)
        3221 Houston, Ave, 77009

        BYOB, light snacks provided

        Hope to see you there!

        Noe Rosas
        2noerosas at gmail.com


        Saturday Night Milonga - El Fueye

        "El Fueye" (fwe-sh-e) is the term bandoneon players use
        to lovingly refer to their instrument.  In the hands of a
        master, the fueye breathes life into the music and leads
        the dancers around the pista.

        9pm - free tango lesson
        10pm to 2am - milonga

        Costa's Elixir Lounge
        2239 Richmond Avenue
        Houston, TX  77098

        DJ: Elizabeth
        Dancing Cover: $5
        Free Parking: Lot, Valet, Street

        Host/Organizers: Argentine Tango Club



        Milonga Brasileña is the first Saturday of every month.

        Emporio Brazilian Cafe
        12288 Westheimer, #210A
        Houston, TX 77077

        9pm to 12am
        Cost: $10/person (free if you order dinner or drinks)

        Hosted by:
        Rick & Teresa


        Viva Practica La Dominguera, con Mimosas!

        Practica and all levels class.

        Dominguera continues every Sunday at

        River Oaks Pilates,
        3425 S Shepherd Dr,
        Houston, Texas 77098.

        Mauro and Ira, will be teaching an all levels class from
        4:00 pm to 5:pm . Classes will consist of starting with a
        simple basic base and it will build up to a more complex
        combination. We hope you like the challenge.

        $10 per person at the door.

        Practica will start at 5:00pm and finish at 7pm

        We will be offering complementary mimosas to keep you

        BYOB. $5 at the door. Featured dj Georgina.

Let's tango this week.

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