[HouTango-L] 30th Julian New Years Party at City Streets tonight!

A. Lester Buck III buck at compact.com
Sun Jan 11 08:40:24 UTC 2004

The Gypsies' Julian New Year Party is always fun, and this year it
celebrates its 30th anniversary.  Look forward to a few tango sets
throughout the night, as well as a chance to mix and mingle with
dancers from virtually every social dance group in Houston.  Don't
miss it!  Sunday, Jan 11, 5:30-midnight at City Streets, $8/cover.


The Julian Calendar New Year Party       

For Immediate Release!!

For those who did not finish ringing in the New Year on December
31st,   The Gypsies  Texas only continental strolling and ethnic
dance band  A Houston musical institution for 3 decades and 5 time
Houston Press Music Award winners, will perform at CITY STREETS,
5078 Richmond, on Sunday January 11, 2004.

This event offers a refreshing relief  from common rock, pop/easy
listening, synthesized and classical formats found on the radio,
night-club and concert scene.

This will be the 30th Julian Calendar party presented by Greg
Harbar, founder and leader of The Gypsies.  It started at his
home in 1974 with friends from the local Russian Orthodox Church
and soon he held Julian New Year parties at Friendly Folk, The
Polish Home, Fitzgeralds, Bavarian Gardens/Garden in the Heights,
and back again this year at CITY STREETS.

With a colorful blend of ethnic music and international folk dance
as well as an exotic assortment of traditional Eastern European,
Balkan and Russian & Eastern European foods and drink, the Julian
Calendar New Year Party is a perfect opportunity to continue the
holiday and unite friends from both eastern and western traditions.

With the big band many of the popular gypsies will be playing.
Special guest entertainers and musicians are expected as well as
dancers Oksana and Virel. There will be International Folk Dances,
belly dancing and a tango exhibition.  You will hear music from
Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria,  Hungary,
Romania, Czech Republic, Slovak, Greece, the Middle East, Turkey,
Celtic, Continental Europe, Latin, Brazilian, Cajun, Zydeco,
Klezmer, Tango and Gypsy Swing.


The Eastern Orthodox tradition is observed by much of Eastern
Europe and Russia following the Julian Calendar rather than
the Gregorian calendar (the common civil calendar).  The Julian
Calendar runs 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar.  Therefore
Christmas December 25th falls on January 7th in the Gregorian
Calendar Malanka or Shchedry Vechir on January 13th for example,
according to the Julian Calendar, is celebrated as Ukranian New
Years Eve in many cities.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to experience this vast mix
of culture and fun!  We look forward to welcoming the Julian
Calendar New Year with YOU!


The Gypsies 
1009 Peden
 Houston, Texas 77006
(713) 524-2711

News Release

Who:            The Gypsies

What:           The 30th annual Julian Calendar New Year Party

Where:          City Streets
                5078 Richmond @ Post Oak (just west of 610)

When:           Sunday January 11, 2004
                5:30 PM  11:30 PM

Costs:          $8.00 cover at the door
                Children under 14 free

Inquiries:      City Streets (713-840-8555)
                The Gypsies (Greg Harbar 713-524-2711)

Entertainment:  The Gypsies and guest artists, from Russia and Ukraine  
                Oksana & Victor,  Belly Dancers, Tango Dancers and other
                performers to be announced.

Extras:         Traditional Eastern European and Russian food and drink 
                for sale.

For further info:  Contact Greg Harbar, The Gypsies at (713) 524-2711

It's the best European bash in town and THE PLACE to dance the
Polka,  Kolomyjka, Waltz, Two-Step, Schottiosche, Frailach,
Czardas, Hassapiko, Mazurka, Jig, Reel, Tango, Swing, Klezmer,
Cajun, Zydeco, Texas and other music from around the world..

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