[HouTango-L] Pampa & Valeria workshops & performance schedule this week

Martin & Natia MartinNatiaTango at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 16 04:55:42 UTC 2007

Matin & Natia's Tango

Hello everybody,

Thank you all for the very successful Nuevo Tango by Andres
workshop & our weekly Milonga.  It was wonderful to see you all
branch out and learn the new steps from a new teacher.  We will
see you all at Pampa & Valeria's workshop in a couple of days,
and the Tango and Folk show with special Piano guest on Saturday
4-21-07.  Please keep in mind that they will be teaching all our
group classes during next week.

Wednesday 4-18-07
7pm to 8:30pm - Beginners Workshop $25 

Thursday 4-19-07
7pm to 8:30pm - Intermediate Workshop $25

Friday 4-20-07
7pm to 8:30pm - Advance Workshop $25

Saturday 4-21-07
10am-12pm - Argentine Folk $30 per person
1pm to 2:30pm - Tango Attitude for Women $30 per person
3pm to 4:30pm - Tango Attitude for Men $30 per person

Saturday 4-21-07 "Destino de Tango"
tango and folk show at MECA (downtown)
$20.00 entrance fee with free milonga at Cafe Tango Studio
The performance hall is inside the School on Kane St.
That specific block is under minor upgrade/construction.
Parking is available on the street and all around the building.
If you have questions regarding the location, please check the
map on our website or call me at 713-560-6695.

For details and special class packages, please see our website


Thank you all for your continuous support!

Martin and Natia

PS....Andres will be back soon to Cafe Tango Studio with his
professional partner.  We will host another workshop and a show
with him in the near future.

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