[HouTango-L] the return of No Tsu Oh tango

Dana McGuire mamatochubchub at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 5 16:35:40 UTC 2007

It's Old, It's New
It's Funky, It's Clean
It's Weird, It's Just Right

Not this Sunday, or next Sunday, but the Sunday after that...

A different experience in Tango is back for Houston with the
re-opening of our old venue "No-Tsu-Oh" (Houston, spelled
backward).  For those of you who haven't been to notsuoh before,
here's a link that will help you get a better idea of what we're
talking about:


We're going to be pushing the tables aside and dancing downstairs.
There's a super-fancy music and lighting system down there now
as well as a bar and more food offerings than there were in
days of yore.  If anyone is up for dj-ing this event, by all
means, volunteer!  For that matter, there is a stage there that
would accomodate live tango music like a glove(?).  Otherwise,
we'll be spinning cd's like the old days.

For questions or to get involved just call Dana at 832-289-5226.

No Tsu Oh
314 Main St.
Houston, Tx  77002

Sunday Nites @ 10:00pm

Beginning JANUARY 21, 2007

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