[HouTango-L] Sunday at No Tsu Oh!

Dana McGuire mamatochubchub at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 28 23:01:12 UTC 2007

Ok Houston,

Maybe you're tired, maybe you already have tentative plans for
tonight...But this is a plea for you to think twice about coming
out to No Tsu Oh.  There wasn't a big crowd out last Sunday for
our first night, but the few who came had a refreshingly different
night of tango.

Mikas did a predictably lovely job DJing last week but is out of
town tonight.  HOWEVER!  He made a couple mix cd's *especially
for the occasion*.  It would be a shame if we didn't all get to
appreciate his mixes and the loving energy he has put into them!

For those with anxiety about driving downtown, know that you have
my virtual hand on your shoulder and I'm whispering supportive
words into your ear that you won't find it overly difficult to
find parking and as slow and dark as things may seem downtown on
a Sunday night, those homeless guys are almost *always* harmless!

In my opinion, this is a tango opportunity Houstonians should
embrace with gusto.  We need enough people to get a good co-op
decision making thing happening about the future of this venue
(Which night?  What time?) because I'm likely moving out of town
in a month or so.

I want to give a personal shout out to Ron Jones to get his butt
to No Tsu Oh (please) this very Sunday.  And everyone else--that
means you!---you know who you are!---for real.  Please?

Any questions, concerns, etc. gimme a call.  832-289-5226


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